“Plastics are Forever” International Youth Summit

Feb 11 2011

This March in Long Beach, CA, Algalita Marine Research Foundation is hosting the “Plastics are Forever” International Youth Summit in an effort to spread awareness and education about plastic pollution and the way it affects our oceans. The project is designed to offer a comprehensive program about the plastic pollution problem and inspire young leaders to take action to tackle this pressing issue. Algalita is partnering with a number of marine organizations to put on the event, including 5 Gyres, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Disney Friends for Change Project Green. Sea•thos Foundation is pleased to sponsor the event and help bring an international research team from Indonesia to Long Beach.

The event, which runs from March 11-March 13 2011, will feature a number of keynote speakers including Captain Charles Moore, founder of Algalita, and Ed Begley Jr., actor and renowned environmentalist, among others. The Summit will host roughly 100 youths and teachers from 14 countries around the world who have demonstrated their expertise in the field and/or enduring interest in developing innovative solutions to this issue. All attendees were required to submit project proposals delineating how to reduce plastic pollution in their communities. The Summit will focus on the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and the way it interacts with our marine environments. Plastic pollution is a serious problem facing the world’s population, threatening the health and diversity of marine habitats, and in turn, the delicate balance of the global ecosystem. More specifically, the Summit will elucidate the ways that plastic reaches the ocean, the impacts it produces on marine wildlife, and potential methods to combat this increasingly precarious situation.

The Summit hopes to bring together various experts in the marine field in an effort to establish a global network of informed and creative young environmental activists. The solidarity of this movement and its participants is crucial to effecting change in our marine systems. Although it may be too late to join the Summit for this year, you can follow the event at http://www.plasticsareforever.org/, where the entire event will be webcast, and Sea•thos will keep you updated on interesting news and developments.

Sea•thos is proud to sponsor the attending Indonesian team and looks forward to their contributions. Plastic pollution is pervasive in Indonesia, creating problems both in the oceans and on the streets. Sea•thos is excited to work in concert with the Indonesian government to combat plastic pollution and create local awareness.

“We’re excited to be a supporter of the Plastics Are Forever Youth Summit by sponsoring the Indonesian team. Education and awareness are a major focus for the Sea•thos Foundation, and this is the perfect outlet. There are over 240 million people in Indonesia and 1/2 of them are under the age of 29.  Youth is our future, and Sea•thos is dedicated to working with Indonesia and the rest of the world to spotlight these issues.”  - Nick Behunin, Sea•thos Foundation Founder

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