30 Mile Unassisted Dive: Sharks and All!

Sep 14 2011

Scott Cassell, the diving explorer, already holds the world record for the longest continuos dive. He is determined to break this record in September by attempting to cross the Catalina Channel unassisted. This will be a non-stop 30-mile dive, 20 feet below the ocean’s surface, which is estimated take him about 24 hours to complete.

Scott’s main objective for this voyage is to perform a number of science experiments and collect data on marine life; paying particular attention to the shark population. He will be crossing through two Great White strike zones as well as an area where there has been numerous reports of a HUGE Mako shark. He will be crossing though these shark infested waters armed only with a hydrophone, an acoustic shark ATTRACTING device. The goal being “to attract as many to [him] as possible” in order to get an estimate of the sharp population in the area at that time of year.

Besides the obvious dangers of sharks, Scott will be faced with a host of other obstacles including: strong currents, cold temperatures, as well as physical and mental fatigue. In order to ensure he stays on route and safe he will be following a towed camera array from a support boat which will provide his peers above with a live feed.

A successful dive would not only mean that he makes the 30 mile dive from Avalon Harbor in Catalina Island to the LA harbor without surfacing, but also that he comes up with new insights and possibly new discoveries.

Ultimately, he hopes that all the information he accumulates during his underwater mission will raise awareness about the life in the ocean and it’s health.

For more info on this project check out the website!

Help them cover the rest of the expedition. Checkout http://www.indiegogo.com/30-Mile-Dive

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