Thanks to our friends at Simple Shoes

Apr 24 2011

Thanks to our friends at Simple Shoes for featuring Sea•thos!! They make a great, environmentally friendly product that you can feel good about wearing. Check out their article on Sea•thos here.

“The story many people might take away about the ocean is that it is beautiful, audibly soothing and perhaps, a top destination to tan. The part that might often get left out are the less-than-peachy realities, such as the annual by-catch deaths of small whales, dolphins and porpoises exceeding 300,000 or that plastic pieces now outnumber sea life by 6 to 1. And according to one organization working toward bringing these oceanic issues to light, Sea ● Thos Foundation, of recent it’s reported that there is now radioactive seawater currently floating around post-earthquaked Japan.”

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