5 Tips For World Oceans Day

Jun 08 2011

Make a difference this World Oceans Day! The ocean covers over 70% of the world’s surface and it is headed towards a state of collapse. Two of the biggest ocean issues – overfishing and pollution – are human related. Worldwide, about 90% of the stocks of large predatory fish stocks are already gone. Large amounts of plastic and other non-biodegradable material accumulates in the ocean’s gyres each year, killing seabirds and marine life.

Do your part to help save the ocean! Here are 5 Seathos approved steps:

1) Take our pledge to be the ocean’s voice by signing our Seathos Pledge!

Be the solution by giving the ocean a voice. Tell your friends and family to do the same!

2) Be more ocean-conscious in your everyday life.

• Use a reusable water bottle. We suggest: Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle.

• Recycle plastic.

• Throw away your trash.

• Give the ocean a voice. Educate others about the issues.

• Spread the word! Go on Facebook or Twitter to tell everyone about the issues.

3) Protect the ocean.

Marine Protection Areas provide recreation and economic opportunities for millions of Americans by sustaining critical habitats and marine resources. Contact your local elected official to increase MPAs in your area: http://www.mpa.gov/

4) Be a conscious consumer.

Refuse seafood that’s on our watch list. Keep it in your pocket so it is easily accessible. Download here.

5) Reduce your plastic use.

Ditch plastic bags and use a Seathos tote instead!

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