Sea•thos Has a Fun Day at Loyola Village Elementary

Jun 01 2011

On Thursday May 26th, Sea•thos visited the students of the the Loyola Village Elementary School after-school program. Sea•thos interns Jasmin and Quinsi worked with K-5th graders to brainstorm why we love the ocean and why it is so important. The students learned mainly about plastic pollution through hands on activities such as a “Float or Sink” demo in which the children learned how different types of plastic degrade.

After coloring marine-life worksheets, Loyola Village students also decorated recycling bins with their own sea-life drawings. They were given prizes for guessing how long plastic items break down and were shocked to learn the correct answers.

We were excited to see how passionate they were about protecting the water and giving the Ocean a voice. Tim, a first-grader, who when asked what ocean would say if it had a voice said, “I’m Hungry!” One of our favorite bins decorated by the students read, “Dont mess with the sea” in large white letters.

Each of the decorated recycle bins will be placed in the school’s classrooms so that the children can put their new knowledge to practice!

Showing off their impressive artwork. Very nice!

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