Arbor Day

Mar 07 2012

Happy Arbor Day! The state of California celebrates Arbor day March 7 – 14.

Arbor Day is a celebration of trees and tree planting

The California state tree is the California Redwood- a magnificently tall tree!

Trees have some very important things in common with the ocean:

1. They both play an important part in the carbon cycle:

- They act as a “carbon sink” which means that they absorb carbon from the atmosphere

-The absorption of carbon by trees helps regulate climate and mitigates climate change

-Unfortunately, thousands of trees are cut down every year through forest clearing

- With less trees, less carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere which greatly multiplies the implications of climate change

2. Trees and the ocean also produce oxygen for us to breathe

-The ocean produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe!

3. They both provide precious habitat for many creatures

4. They are both beautiful to look at!

So, like the ocean, trees are very important for our health and the health of the planet.

In celebration of trees, oxygen, the ocean, and the planet, support initiatives that aim to reduce forest clearing.

And, if you can, plant trees! :)

Stay tuned for national Arbor Day on April 27th!


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