Back to School Green Tips

Aug 24 2011

With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching,  parents lives begin to get pretty hectic. Parents and teachers alike are scrambling to prepare themselves and their children for the upcoming academic year. Everything from school supplies to apparel becomes the main focus for parents. This being our first back to school post, we figured we should  focus on going back to school, literally. In other words, parents should be particularly mindful of how their children get to and from school in a way  that ensures their safety and that of the environment. Here are some ways to reduce your carbon footprint when going to and from school:

1) Carpooling with other family’s is a great way to reduce air pollution while creating a interactive social environment for your children. It is not only more environmentally friendly and but also more friendly to your pocket. Another added advantage is that you will have a more free mornings to do everything else that needs to get done!

2) Public transportation is a great alternative to carpooling as well. It is cheaper than driving your own car, and is a great green alternative seeing that many buses are now using clean natural gas to fuel them.

3) Another great alternative is biking to class with children when possible. It is a great way to explore your neighborhood while teaching children safety rules. Not to mention this is a nice way to stay fit and instill a healthy and active life-style in your kids.

4) Lastly, try walk-pooling  to school with other parent chaperon’s. Again a great way to get and promote exercise!

Keep an eye out for our other tips of how to be green when going back to school!

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