Beach cleanup recap

Oct 19 2011

This past Thursday the Sea•thos crew joined forces with the merman aqua army and other Venice Beach locals for an afternoon beach cleanup. We collected about 100 pounds of trash within the span of an hour. We were saddened by the amount of trash we found on our shores.

An alarming amount of plastic debris such as straws, bags, and wrappers were collected. Cigarette butts were also very predominant. Plastic can take up to a thousand years to degrade and cigarette butts up to 10 years! As we are all aware of by now, plastic pollution effects not only the health of our oceans but ultimately ours as well. We encourage all of you to take action in protecting our most valuable resource: OUR OCEAN.

Here are a few things you can do to save our oceans:

1) Educate yourself and others on the current state of our oceans

2) Take our plastic ban pledge and encourage others to do the same

* Limit the amount of plastic products you consume

3) If you live by the ocean, organize your own beach cleanups and encourage your community to join in

4) Enjoy the beach but be sure to clean up after yourselves!!

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