CA Styrofoam Ban

Sep 06 2011

Earlier this year we introduced you to SB 568 in California, a proposed ban on Styrofoam, which is now gaining momentum and media attention around the state.  SB 568 was passed on August 25th by the Senate, and is on the move to the House.  Later this summer, the bill will be voted on in the California State Assembly.

The bill proposes to stop food vendors from distributing food to customers in Styrofoam containers. The ban on Styrofoam containers is urgent considering the fact that Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and one cup can take 500 years to degrade!  Styrofoam is lethal to ocean animals and the health of the ocean,  currently ranking as the number one pollutant accumulating in our lovely waters.

A report done by ABC 7 News shows the current debate on the issue among consumers, Styrofoam companies, restaurant owners and environmentalists. To watch the video on this topic, click here.

If California passes SB 568, it will be the first state to ban Styrofoam and will continue to be a leader in green issues.  Contact your local representative and urge this bill to be supported.  Remember to be the ocean’s voice and support SB 568!

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