Cucumber Kale Salad

Sep 16 2011

Try this yummy cucumber kale salad. It’s an easy recipe that’s light and refreshing, great for bbq’s or at home!


1 kale leaf

3 cucumbers

1 cup onions

4 radishes

1/2 cup parsley

1/2 cup red vinegar

1 tablespoon hemp oil*

salt, pepper to taste


Chop all of the vegetables into a bowl. Add red vinegar and hemp oil. Mix salad. Add salt and pepper to taste!

The salad is best if let to rest for a few hours, overnight makes it even better!

(*The health benefits of hemp oil are enormous! If you don’t have any in the house you can substitute it for another oil, but we like the hemp!)

Note: The 1 cup of onions does give the salad a strong taste, so if you are not a big fan, feel free to decrease the amount!

This salad is Sea•thos tested and approved!

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