Deadly Shark Attacks Provokes Shark Hunt..What Do You Think?

Oct 24 2011

Three recent deadly shark attacks off the southwest coast of Australia have sparked speculation that a single predator is responsible and must be killed to prevent further attacks. The death of 32 year-old American diver George Wainwright, this past Saturday, is the latest incident of the three attacks within the past two months. Wainwright was attacked by a 10-ft long Great White shark and the previous attacks are believed to have been by a shark of the same size. In the interest of protecting the public, the Western Australia state has begun a hunt for the shark predator and have placed tuna baited hooks around the island where the three deaths occurred. The hunt will be the first legal exemption to the state’s law protecting endangered great white sharks.

Scientists are urging against a shark hunt in the belief that three separate sharks are more likely responsible for the three deaths rather than a single shark. Federal Marine biologist Barry Bruce, who studies the migratory patterns of sharks, has said “A more plausible explanation is that this is the time of year when sharks move along the coast, and there are undoubtedly multiple sharks out there following this exact pattern”.  Bruce believes the three victims were in the migratory path of the sharks during the time of the attacks by unfortunate chance. Another scientist, Barbara Weuringer, agrees with Bruce and adds that there is no way of telling which shark killed the three victims unless the stomach of the shark is opened.

Is the shark hunt a good idea to protect the public or is it unnecessary? Tell us what you think!

Pictured is a Great White Shark

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