Upcoming Sea•thos Earth Day Campaign!!

Apr 11 2012

The 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22, 2012! 

Are you frustrated that governments have not responded quickly or efficiently enough to depleting resources, climate change, species extinction and other pressing environmental issues? If so, Earth Day 2012 is the perfect opportunity to put your PASSION into ACTION!!

This year’s Earth Day aims to “Mobilize the Earth” by providing individuals, communities, and organizations with opportunities to take action into their own hands for a sustainable future.

Visit the Earth Day 2012 website to explore ways to get involved including petitions, Billion Acts of Green (pledges), and community events!

Be sure to check out Seathos’s Act of Green which features a pledge to stop using single-use plastics!

Seathos is excited to announce our very own up coming Earth Day campaign! This year’s theme is “Ten years to save the ocean” featuring the top 5 ocean threats: Over fishing, marine pollution, ocean acidification, climate change, and habitat destruction.

Each topic will be accompanied with colorful pictures, interesting facts, and easy solutions that anyone can put into action. We encourage everyone to enter to win free Seathos stuff, and “share” and “like” our campaign page!

For every “like” the page receives, Seathos will pick up one pound of trash from the beach!!! So don’t miss out on our upcoming Earth Day campaign and your chance to give the ocean a voice!!! :)

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