Effects of Plastic on People

Sep 07 2011

Plastics directly affects our friends in the ocean, but indirectly affects human health. Latternfish, a fish not eaten by humans, is a main source of food for bigger fish such as tuna and squid. We aren’t eating fish innards, but humans do need to worry about the toxins that are transfered through the fish’s bodies. We are literally eating the toxic waste we produce, which is known to create a myriad of human health problems, including cancers; birth defects; immune system suppression; and developmental problems in children.

What can I do?

Be aware of where you throw your waste, specifically plastics like plastic bottles. Every moving water source leads to the ocean, eventually. Many people know about the risk from mercury in fish, but do not know that the toxins from plastic are just as harmful. If we want to give the ocean a voice, we need to bring awareness to this issue.

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