Electronic Shark Defense System

Feb 07 2012

When seen from below the water, surfers and swimmers are mistaken for sea turtles by sharks, and the splashing of water entices them to attack. A new 3d device known as the Electronic Shark Defense System (ESDS) may enable surfers and other ocean goers to enjoy the ocean without fearing sharks.

Attached to a surfer’s ankle, the device sends electonic pulses through the water which are detected by a shark’s sensory system. The electronic pulses interefere with the gel in a shark’s nose and keeps them out of the signal area.

The device  turns on automatically when in water, lasts up to 9 hours before recharging, and weighs only 7 pounds.

ESDS was envisioned by the owner of Z to A Innovation,Wilson Vinano, Jr.- a long time Honolulu surfer who wants to ensure that waters are safe. The product was given a 3D system and made ready for the market by 3D innovations.

Viano said, “From the extreme testing that was conducted, we know this device works and keeps sharks away from the user.”

ESDS has entered the market and is selling in the United States for $299 without a leash and $335 with a leash. A similar device in Australia is selling for over $700.

So far, there is no information suggesting that the device is harmful to sharks.

To learn more about ESDS, visit 3D Innovations.com

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