ENSO plastics sued over false advertising

Oct 31 2011

On Wednesday October 26th, California Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris filed a lawsuit against ENSO plastics for falsely advertising its products, Balance and AquaMantra water bottles, as biodegradable and recyclable. The lawsuit is the first to sue under California’s environmental marketing law which makes it illegal to market plastic food and beverage containers as biodegradable, decomposable or degradable because it takes thousands of years for plastics to degrade. 

ENSO plastics claim that their plastic bottles are biodegradeable and recyclable because they contain a microbial additive that helps accelerate the breakdown process to less than 5 years. The lawsuit states that the microbial additive does not work and also jeopardizes the recyclability of plastics as it is considered to be a “destructive contaminant” by the Assn. of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers. ENSO has defended its claims by stating that they have evidence to show that the microbial additive works and that the situation is merely a misunderstanding of their technology by their plaintiffs. 

To read more about the lawsuit, visit L.A. Times

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