EU Fishing Policy Update

Jul 13 2011

As reported by Sea•thos back in May, the EU (European Union) had been reviewing and updating the Common Fisheries Policy that had been applied for many years.  Today, the EU released a revamp of this fishing policy to save depleted stocks.  The proposal will take effect in 2013 and seeks to phase out “discards” which is “the practice whereby half the catch of some fish is thrown back into the sea to avoid going over quota.”  They intend to do this by, among other methods, giving fleets quota shares that would be “guaranteed for at least 15 years.”  This proposal has met with criticism from outside sources, such as the environmental group, Oceana, that referred to it as having “some positive aspects” but incomplete; that “stronger methods were needed.”

The plan aims to:

-ensure catches are within levels that can “produce the maximum sustainable yields” by 2015

-implement an “ecosystem-based approach” to limit the impact of fishing

-reduce fleet overcapacity through market measures rather than subsidies

-promote the development of “aquaculture activities” to ensure food security and job opportunities

-develop alternative types of fish management techniques.

    Read more at BBC News.

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