First Friday Firsts

Jun 10 2011

What would First Friday be without splattered paint across rich canvasses, soothing tunes from folksy locals, refreshing cocktails enlivening the room and a reliable food source of mouthwatering goodness awaiting you the moment you step foot out of the door? Well, at least that is how the Sea•thos Foundation does First Friday, and if you missed out, you really missed out.

The night, aside from the usual celebration of art and its ability to bring Venice locals out on the town, was dedicated to bringing awareness to the eyes and ears of those in attendance about the newly formed guardian of our ocean waters. With World Oceans Day just a shot away, the not-for-profit sought out to open some eyes to this hard-at-work mission at play along Abbot Kinney.

The event started off with the easy riding tones of the Venice folk band, Terraplane Sun, a five-man band known for working in perfect harmony, only briefly acoustic but worthwhile for any patrons lucky enough to be present at the moment.

The ingenious local artist and activist Michael deNicola made an appearance and was nice enough to bring his some of his latest and greatest ocean-inspired works, including colorfully sporadic abstract pieces and cardboard-based collages, as well as one of his highly sought-after three-dimensional recycled surfboard pieces. DeNicola has a past collaborating with Sea•thos and only continued to add to the nonprofit’s reputation for quality presentation. His genuine personality drifted around the room throughout the evening, striking sincere conversations with grateful art lovers and guests alike.

The night continued on with Acaí vodka-inspired cocktails provided by VeeV, the invigorating “pink drink” and freshly made mojitos with a mint leaf accent from start to finish, impossible to say “no” to, time and time and time again. VeeV specializes in being the first certified carbon neutral spirits company in the world, fitting in well with World Oceans Day around the bend.

The gourmet foods trucks that lie outside the doors of Sea•thos included the tasty Twist Burgers truck as well as the famous Nom Nom truck. Various guests sampled all three types of burgers available from Twist Burgers, beef, turkey, and veggie, as well as their delicious sweet potato and shoe string fries with their flavored twist seasoning. Nom Nom was on a roll with their popular pork Bahn Mi sandwiches and grilled pork Vietnamese tacos. Mouths were left with a spicy kick at the end of the night to say the least. Overall, everyone was blown away with the quality of food and service from both food trucks leading to a successful night.

Guests were sent off with bellies full of food, bladders full of quality spirits and satisfied looks across their faces as they exited for the evening, already with the mindset to return again next month.
A quiet buzz filtering the room throughout the night carried the crowd’s curiosity and anxiousness as to the great things to come from this newly bred group, a potential to make a much-needed impact in and around our fair town, to motivate change in how people treat its waters, to shepherd us from further polluting it and to restore the damaged reputation of our pristine oceans.

Sea•thos led First Friday as the talk of the town, showing people a good ole environmentally sound time, with a bright future up ahead. Its members are eternally grateful to those who came out. And if you didn’t this time, don’t be foolish enough to miss out again, as anyone there could tell, the times are only going to get better.

To support your ocean, Sea•thos and World Oceans Day, pledge the change we all hope to see.

Words by Matt Branham

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