Floating Dining Room Promotes Sustainable Seafood

Aug 23 2011

Renowned Chef Robert Clark, owner of C Restaurant, and founder of the subtainable culinary School of Fish Foundation, Shannon Ronalds, have come up with a creative and delicious way to raise awareness about the negative impact humans are having on the ocean. They have designed an eco-friendly floating dining room in which one can enjoy a 7-course sustainable seafood meal. It is currently docked at the False Creek Yacht Club in Vancouver, Canada.

"floating floor"

As we all know (I hope), there are 5 Gyres (islands of plastic waste) roaming the earth’s waters harming most marine life that come in contact with them. Not only are these Gyres a threat to marine life, but to humans as well. Simply put, marine animals consume plastic that they mistake for food. After they eat the plastic, they are taken up the food chain and end up on our plates for dinner. This problem as well as that of overfishing, conservation, and responsible fishing practices, are being directly confronted via the School of Fish Foundation and their educational program.

This non-profit project is also a traveling piece, headed to San Diego this fall. We are excited to hear about organizations like this and hope you can support them! You can also check out their
Facebook and Twitter here.

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