Sea•thos Foundation is committed to collaborate with activists, individuals, investors and companies to promote awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans. We invite you to join our effort and become a friend of the ocean with us.


Key people who have shared their name, likeness, time and craft with Sea•thos to help spread awareness.

Seathos Ambassador Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, Academy Award Winning Actress

Here we have the ocean, it's like a treasured member of our family that we need to care for. It's our greatest resource. It's 2/3 of the planet. It's now time that we all see what's happened and what we've all done together as a collective. If we can't undo it, let's at least stop doing it.

Seathos Ambassador Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges, Academy Award Winning Actor and Musician

The OCEAN is the mother of us all. We ought to treat our mother well.


Seathos Ambassador Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth, Jewelry Designer

My fundamental inspiration is the ocean - its purity, power, and color are key elements at the origin of my work. I know more than ever that the ocean needs our help and I want to be part of a movement that speaks out on behalf of a silent wonder.


Seathos Ambassador Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, Professional Surfer and 11 x World Champion

The oceans are the lifeblood of our planet and their health is jeopardy. Even one person can make a difference in the health of the world's oceans. Get the facts and get involved to make a difference.

Photo by Jeff Flindt / Quiksilver

Seathos Ambassador Heather Brown

Heather Brown, Artist, Surfer, Surf Artist

Heather Brown is an artist, surfer and nature enthusiast from the North Shore of Oahu. Her unique style of art is recognized around the world and has even garnered her the title of "Godmother of Modern Surf Art" Her passion for helping organizations like Sea•thos is unwavering as her art and lifestyle are completely intertwined around the beauty, power, life and serenity of the Oceans and waterways that surround us all.

Photo by Sylvain Cazenave


Seathos Ambassador Sam George

Sam George, Waterman and former editor of Surfer Magazine

Nobody has as intimate a relationship with the ocean as the surfer: no wind breathes on the face of any sea but that we don't somehow feel its touch. And so it's not matter of simply saving the world's oceans we must love them. Because while surfers may come to life in the ocean, there is no life for any body on earth without it.

Seathos Ambassador Shingo Francis

Shingo Francis

The Ocean is like a mother and father to me. Supporting me with love and beauty while teaching me my limits and potential. Just as the ocean has nurtured me all my life physically, mentally and spiritually, I have a duty and passionate desire to protect the Ocean and it has to start with me.

Seathos Ambassador Jeff Divine

Jeff Divine,Photo Editor for The Surfer's Journal

f you dip your toe into the ocean I feel you should be committed to it's protection. If you have flown down the wall of a wave, offshore , fast, cold early morning and paddled back out , the pelicans adjusting around you , you need to commit. If you have seen the sea turn golden as dolphins approach, you need to commit. If you have visited this wilderness , the sea in all of it's forms, it's time to commit. Protect and love the ocean, forever.


Seathos Ambassador Danny Moder

Danny Moder, Director of Photography and Sea•thos Ambassador

We are facing explosive changes in our oceans that are undeniable. There is no limit to the effects of the ocean in our daily lives. Whether we hug the trees at the top of the mountain or eliminate the plastic in our oceans - we should constantly seek out solutions while minimizing the impact on our resources.

Seathos Ambassador Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis, Director (The Fugitive, Colateral Damage, Holes...)

"The earth is like a spaceship that didn't come with an operating manual" said Bucky Fuller. We need to understand the importance of the oceans because their health is the key to a livable future for all on this planet.

Seathos Ambassador Colleen Prietz

Colleen Prietz, "Fuel TV" Host

The ocean does something to me that is unexplainable. Just being out there and realizing I'm alive... at the same time, realizing that mother nature could gobble me up whenever she wanted.