Sea•thos Foundation is committed to collaborate with activists, individuals, investors and companies to promote awareness of the human impact on the world's oceans. We invite you to join our effort and become a friend of the ocean, with us.


Individuals who are passionate about saving the ocean and have donated their time or funds to Sea•thos Foundation.

Seathos Friend Galen Gering

Galen Gering, Actor

I see Sea•thos as a hub for people who are passionate about the ocean. It's not too late to do something. I don't want the ocean to die on my watch.


Seathos Friend Laurent Lebreton

Laurent Lebreton, Data Scientist,

excited to work with Sea•thos to develop techonologies and provide science that helps humanity understand and work towards solutions and a better future for the ocean

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Seathos Friend Jose Borrero

Dr. Jose Borrero, Coastal Science & Civil and Environmental Engineering, ASR

We are working to bring good science in to the mix for our outreach and education efforts. It is important to have a strong message that is backed by robust science and to make this message resonate with the general public, hopefully prompting collective awareness and individual action. It is too easy for opponents of these initiatives to shoot down weak arguments that are based on emotion or hyperbole. When you nail them with the science, they've got nothing to hide behind


Seathos Friend Shaun Tomson

Shaun Tomson, Former surfing world champion

The ocean gives us life and because of rampant over-consumption desperately needs our help and protection - please make a contribution and take a stand.

Seathos Friend Strider Wasilewski

Strider Wasilewski, Waterman, father and Quiksilver Marketing Executive

Why do you get involved? I thought about the voice of my son asking me, wasn't there something you could have done? One person can make a difference.

Seathos Friend Chuck Patterson

Chuck Patterson, Waterman

My life revolves around the ocean on a daily basis, where I am always challenged, surprised and healed by her power. If we want to continue to enjoy it's magic and the many mammals & sea creatures that depend on it; we need to set an example and fight to preserve one of the Worlds most precious resources.


Seathos Friend David Hertz

David Hertz, FAIA Architect. S.E.A. Studio of Environmental Architecture

The ocean has been a healing place for me, since early childhood growing up in Venice and Malibu and surfing since the late 1960's. I experienced Santa Monica Bay in particular go from a relatively pristine environment to a near dead zone and then back again due to human cause and intervention. As I work and travel surfing, sailing and diving in the worlds oceans I am reminded of their importance.. and their vulnerability. Oceans encompass over 97% by volume of all the Earths living space and cover over 75% of the planets surface, the same percentage or water with the same salinity that human beings are comprised of, so I am reminded that we all have a deep connection to the ocean and a responsibility to protect it.

Photo for Vanity Fair by Art Strieber

Seathos Friend Peter Wallerstein

Peter Wallerstein, Director, Marine Animal Rescue.

I'm proud to be working with an organization such as Seathos. Together we can make this planet a safer, healthier place for all ocean inhabitants.