Global Consumption of Fish Hits Historic High

Aug 31 2011

As reported by the United Nations, human fish consumption has hit an all time historic high. According to The State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture Report, average fish consumption has reached 17kg per person in 2007, supplying about 4.5 billion people with 15% of their annual animal protein intake.

Fish is now the most traded food commodity, worth around $102 billion in 2008. This is an ever important issue, seeing that fish stocks are currently being depleted due to exploitation and overfishing. Global fish catches are at such a high rate, fish stocks do not have the chance reproduce. This means that fish stocks being fully exploited, to the point where they are currently harvested at rates near their maximum sustainable limits.

We all know we can do more for the ocean and one way is by limiting our fish intake, seeing that the new numbers are pretty striking. Try eating fish a little less a week, and when you do eat fish, make sure it is the sustainable kind. Download our Sustainable Seafood Guide for advice on this.

To learn more, check out some informative diagrams on the issues of fish consumption, most consumed species, most fished areas, and global expansion at CNN.

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