Grand Canyon Bans Sale of Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Feb 07 2012

On Monday, the National Park Service announced that single-use plastic bottles will no longer be sold within the Grand Canyon National Park. The ban will go into effect within the next 30 days as the park’s vendors use up their remaining supply.

A similar effort was thwarted in late 2010, when park officials balked at a potential ban due to pressure from Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, who owns the Dasani water brand and has donated over $13 million dollars to the parks, expressed concerns over the implementation of a straight ban rather than increased recycling programs.

The park has already begun the construction of additional water filling stations for reusable bottles.

Plastic bottles are said to make up 20% of the waste within the Grand Canyon National Park, as well as 30% of it’s recyclables. In addition to waste within the parks, plastic bottles often end up in the ocean by way of the Colorado River. Another example of how plastic, even when sourced from hundreds of miles inland, is a major contributor to marine pollution.

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