Green and Clean Workout!

Nov 29 2011

Working out is good for our minds and bodies. Here are a few tips on how to stay fit without making the environment sweat it:

1. Be mindful of your threads: Did you know it takes over 400 gallons of water and a third of a pound of pesticides to make a SINGLE cotton teeshirt. The chemicals used to grow cotton are extremely harmful to the surrounding soil, insects, bodies of water and marine life. Some sports wear is covered in bug/sweat/water resistant chemicals that are absorbed by the body (especially when pores are open from sweating) and are particularly detrimental to aquatic life. Clothing made from eco-friendly fibers such as hemp and organic cotton are stylish and a green way to keep it clean. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should only consume what you need. Simply refrain from buying clothing that is not essential!

2. BYOB: As we all know slow degrading plastic water bottles are filling landfills to the brim. Over 60 million water bottles are discarded annually. Many even end up in the ocean effecting sea life and ultimately our own health. Bringing your own (glass) water bottle to your workout is an affordable and easy way to reduce plastic pollution and save the ocean.

3. Transport yourself: Walking, running, biking or skateboarding to the gym or your yoga class is a great way to warm up and reduce your carbon footprint. If your gym is too far (or it is an exteremely cold and snowy winter day) take the bus or carpool with a friend.

4. Disconnect from it all: If the treadmill was a car it would be a gas guzzling SUV. Try to find gym workouts that require more use of  exercise ball (such as medicine balls) and less stationary contraption with moving floor! Doing a yoga class is a great way to use your own body weight to build muscle. Take your cardio outdoors by going on a bike ride, a run on the beach or hike in the nearby woods. These are much better alternatives to staying indoors on a stationary machine with your eyes glued to the TV.

5. Share your sole: Don’t throw out those old runners! Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program takes your old soles and turns them into sports courts, tracks and flooring! Click here to find your closest drop off location!

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