Hawaii’s Big Island Latest To Pass Plastic Bag Ban!

Jan 25 2012

Hawaii’s Big Island, home to under 10% of the state’s inhabitants, became the latest in the pacific island chain to pass legislature effectively banning the use of single-use plastic bags. They joined Kauai and Maui as the third Hawaiian county to adopt such a ban.

Honolulu County stands as the only remaining Hawaiian county not to pass similar legislature.

Effective January, 17th, 2013, the law will place a fee on single-use plastic bags before outlawing them entirely.

The bill was passed with a 5-3 vote by the Hawaiian City Council. Mayor Billy Kenoi signed the bill into law despite requests for a veto as he felt the legislature is necessary for the health of the Hawaiian islands.

“This bill holds the promise of keeping our island clean, healthy and safe,” said the mayor.

The Big Island joins Seattle, WA, Monterey, CA, Aspen, CO and San Luis Obispo County, CA as recent supporters of the movement to ban single-use plastics. With continued public support and your individual pledge to stop using plastic bags, the list will only get bigger!

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