How to be Happy :)

Nov 26 2011

This holiday season, kick sadness aside and start it off right with happiness! Authentic happiness doesn’t come easily or instantly and sometimes we need a boost. According to happiness experts,  the three best ways to boost your happiness are through exercise, acts of kindness and gratitudeHere are some ways to put these happiness boosters into practice:

Daily exercise is known to boost endorphins which are chemicals in our body responsible for making us happy. Exercise doesn’t have to be extensive to be effective, and any exercise is better than none at all! If you don’t have a gym membership you can jog through your neighborhood, do jumping jacks at home, or take a stroll on the beach!

Acts of Kindness 
When we show kindness to someone, we make that person feel good and in turn we feel good too! Tell your family how much you appreciate them, hold the door open for a stranger at the store, volunteer at a non-profit, or give someone a sincere compliment. We can show kindness to nature by making mindful decisions such as eating sustainably, picking up litter off the beach, and reducing our use of non-recyclables and non-biodegradables. There are millions of ways we can show kindness every day; Be creative! 

The satisfaction of giving is a gift unto itself and the phrase “Thank you” is the simplest gift that can be given, when truly said from the heart. Giving thanks without the expectation of reciprocation will evoke sheer gratitude for the gifts that you do receive in return. Entitlement, on the other hand, replaces appreciation and gratitude with greed for the things that we most desire and anger for the things we do not receive. Instead, give thanks to the ones around you and be thankful for all the things that you are blessed enough to have.

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to give, unconditionally, to anyone and everyone around you. In performing the act of giving, you will not only stimulate joy and happiness in the hearts of others but you will actually give the euphoric gift of satisfaction to yourself in the process.


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