How to make your Halloween green!

Oct 25 2011

Here are a few ways that you can keep it clean and green on Halloween:

1. Ditch the plastic costumes

Those cheap store bought costumes are not only tacky and unoriginal but also potentially hazardous to your health! Many of those mass-produced plastic shower-curtainesque pirate, superman, wonder-woman, ninja turtle…etc costumes contain the scariest thing of all:  polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Although PVC is an extremely versatile material it creates and releases toxins that are harmful to our health.

2. Rent or Create your own

There are a few alternatives to those spooky plastic costumes:

A) Get creative and make your own costume! Raid the closet (yours, your friends, your grandma’s…whoever’s)  to find fun and unique items. There are also plenty of affordable costume pieces that can be found at your local thrift store. Keep in mind: you can always cut, sew, and (naturally) dye items in order to create your perfect outfit!

B) Let mother nature help you out! For example head down to the beach collect some shells (and maybe pick up some trash while you’re there) and sew them on to a bikini top as part of a mermaid costume.

C) If you lack the creativity, patience, and/or time to create you own costume you can always rent one!

3. Use toxic-free face and body paint

Obviously you can’t be the hulk without painting your body green or be a cat without drawn on whisker. Just beware not all make-up and body paint is created equal. The same golden rule applies for buying make-up (and body paint) as it does to buying food: the more recognizable and natural the ingredients the less harmful it is to you.

4. Ban the bag. Give the kids a tote.

Although Halloween is a celebration of all things scary such as ghosts and witches there are some VILLAINS that are just too scary to confront. Of course we are talking about PLASTIC BAGS. The impact they are having on the health of our environment and our oceans, in particular, is frightful. Totes or pillowcases are a great alternative to the big bad plastic bag. Plus they are definitely more durable which means the kids can collect more goodies.

5. Decorations: try to keep it clean

Try to limit or completely avoid using decorations that are made of plastic such as those dangling skeletons and poorly made spiders. If these decorations are an absolute must be sure that they are made of recycled material. Furthermore, make sure that they are a one time purchase that can be used every halloween! Considering using straw bales, gourds, pumpkins, and corn husks as colorful and natural alternatives to manufactured decorations.

6. Treat

Replace those processed sweets packed with corn syrup with healthier and more nutritious treats. Some good alternatives include individual wrapped treats such as organic fair trade chocolates or dried fruit, granola bars, and gummies made from real fruit juice. Another idea is to hand out non-edibles such as hair barrettes, crayons, or stickers!

Have fun , be safe and stay green this Halloween :)

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