Iceland Exports Whale Meat to Japan

Jul 21 2011

Since 2006 Iceland’s annual fin whale catch has “risen to about 150 per year, with most meat exported to Japan.”  After a formal statement by Secretary Gary Lock regarding the global endangerment of fin whales caused by Iceland’s hunt, President Obama “has sixty days for a response,” one that will likely include trade bans.

Iceland’s Fisheries Minister, Jon Bjarnason, was surprised by the U.S.; stating that Icelandic whaling is “based on sound science” and is sustainable.  However there is still concern about “Iceland’s disregard for the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) global moratorium on commercial whaling.”

Secretary Locke has also commented, saying that Iceland’s “harvest of whales and export of fin whale meat threaten an endangered species and undermine worldwide efforts to protect whales.”

Read more at BBC News.

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