Marine Life Protection Act…What You can Do on World Oceans Day to Help California!

Jun 08 2011

The MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act), initiated by Governor Davis in 1999, opened the doors to more coastal protection in California. The MLPA was formulated to help establish and expand Marine Protection Areas (MPA’s), the goal being protection against habitat and ecosystem loss. Visit this website for a comprehensive view of the issues.

Today, World Oceans Day, lets a light shine on the current situation with MLPA and what we can do to help.

Currently, only 1% of the oceans are MPA’s. The real issue here is that we need California to implement the MLPA to protect our waters. MPA’s are needed for the safety of our environment in order to restore and protect our coast and ocean.

Please contact your local Congress member and let them know how you feel about MPA’s and the MLPA. As a constituent, you have the power to influence legislation!

What else can you do to help on World Oceans Day? Visit our webpage dedicated to it. Help us rally support to help preserve our greatest resource, the ocean.

Give the ocean a voice!

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