Mini Sea•thospedia Recaps!

Nov 04 2011

Every Tuesday, we here at Sea•thos post a Sea•thospedia blog by which we explain an ocean related term or concept. Here is a quick recap on some of our ‘pedia blogs to refresh our memories on important issues and ways we can help!

#1 What is Beach Wrack and Beach Grooming?

Beach wrack are piles of organic materials such as seaweed washed ashore onto the beach which are essential to the productivity of beach ecosystems. Beach grooming is the practice of removing beach wrack, using man-made machinery, to make beaches look more pleasing to beach goers, and thereby disturbing beach ecosystems. Support alternative grooming techniques including seasonal grooming and beach clean-ups!

#2 What is Long Lining?

Long Lining is an irresponsible fishing method involving a very long net that catches unintended  species (known as bycatch and includes turtles, sharks, and even birds!) in addtion to the intended fish species, which contributes to overfishing. We can help by supporting sustainable fisheries that use safe fishing techniques.

#3 What is Trawling?

Trawling, another example of a destructive fishing method, involves a very large net that fishermen drag mid-water or along the ocean floor which not only produces massive amounts of bycatch but also destroys everything in its path leaving ocean bottoms barren.  Trawling is another resason we should support sustainable fisheries and eco-friendly fishing techniques.

#4 What is Biomagnification?

Biomagnification is the process in which concentrations of persistent pollutants (harmful chemicals) greatly magnify as they transfer up the food chain. Plastics are made up of harmuful chemicals which begin to transfer through the food chain when consumed by ocean creatures. We eat highest on the sea-food chain meaning that we are exposed to the highest amount of toxic chemicals. We can help prevent the transfer of toxic chemicals through the food chain by reducing plastic waste.

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