Ocean Artist Spotlight: Robb Havassy

Feb 07 2012

Robb Havassy paints the way a perfect wave breaks: smooth, controlled lines that are as gentle as they are strong.

It’s not hard to tell that Havassy, 42, takes most his inspiration from the ocean. Growing up in Southern California and graduating from UC Irvine with a degree in Psychology, Havassy didn’t begin his painting career until his late 20s. But his love for the ocean immediately began coming  through in his style and subject matter. The majority of his work is focuses on ocean landscapes and surfers, and he has been known to paint on driftwood and surfboards in leu of canvas.

Throughout his career, Havassy has maintained a strong alliance with surf culture. An avid surfer himself, he’s collaborated with several industry giants such as Hurley and Reef and has also put on countless art showings in conjunction with surfing events.

“I’m inspired by the ocean, surf, people and beauty that surrounds me when I’m home painting and enjoying my time with family and friends or traveling the globe gathering inspiration,” said Havassy in describing his recent apparel line. “This entire collection is built for those like me who are inspired by art, an active lifestyle and whose lives reflect an awareness and sensitivity to socially and environmentally relevant issues.”

Havassy has also done his part to give back to the ocean that has influenced him so much. He’s helped raise over $200,000 dollars in art donations and other charitable work, partnering with groups such as Heal the Bay, Surf Aid International and Surfrider Foundation.

To check out more of Robb Havassy’s work, read about upcoming events, and order prints, head on over to his website.


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