Paper or plastic: how about neither Los Angeles?!

Oct 10 2011

In recent years the issue of plastic and its consequences on the environment, especially on our oceans, have become a important focal point for environmentally oriented groups and individuals alike. Many cities, municipalities, and good samaritans have already joined the international movement banning the use of plastic bags. It seems that the city of Los Angeles and Pasadena are headed in the same direction.

Annually, 2.3 BILLION plastic bags and 400 MILLION paper bags are used in the city of Los Angeles alone, with only 5% and 21% being recycled respectively. Recently, the city of L.A has proposed a bag ban and is even taking it one step further by having it extend to paper bags as well. The rationale behind this being that paper bags also generate unnecessary waste. The L.A proposal will encourage residents to use reusable, more environmentally friendly tote bags in order to transport their goods from store to home. Totes are a great alternative and are already widely available in stores and online. Click here to get a rad Sea•thos tote!!

Los Angeles’ City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee will decide whether to move forward with the proposed ban. Fingers crossed it goes through and we are hoping that other cities are not far behind! Regardless of where you live and what the status of plastic bags are in your area, you can start your own personal plastic bag ban by taking our online pledge and encouraging others to do so as well :)

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