Photography Making a Difference

Nov 18 2011

There are many groups and people coming together to help educate our communities on what we can all do to preserve our oceans. Photographers are some of the many who are working to educate our communities. Conservation Photography is a fairly new form of global communication, really making a name for its self about six years ago. Conservation photography furthers environmental or cultural conservation through an ethical and documentary approach.

The iLCP (International League of Conservation Photographers) is a project-driven organization that teams up with different scientists, political and government leaders, and conservation groups to bring awareness about the beauty and challenges that the natural world faces through quality images and video. Within the organization there are 102 photographers, each whom are working on projects that spread awareness about the worlds depleted ecosystems.

In 2009, the iLCP teamed up with the Center for Oceans as part of Oceans Day at COP15 to create a slideshow  of marine photographs, spreading the word on how climate change is effecting the oceans and its habitats. Although this project was done a few years ago, we are able to build upon the knowledge provided to help us conserve the oceans.

The final slideshow, Oceans +2C is just one of many examples how photographers, artists, scientists, and foundations can all team up to make a global difference. There are many different ways to be involved, both directly and indirectly. Don’t be afraid to use multiple mediums, get connected, spread the word, and give the ocean a voice!

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