Places to Sea Fiji

Apr 04 2012

Known as Turtle island, Fiji is a beautiful island country located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Among its 330 islands, around 100 are permanently inhabited while the rest remain in natural harmony.  Its largest and most visited islands are Venua Levu and Viti Levu.

Fiji has had its share of diverse inhabitants starting with a migration from Indonesia three and a half thousand years ago! Europeans first came in contact with the islands in the 17th century.

Cannibalism, which was once wide spread on the islands, was put to an end due to missionary influence and the acceptance of Christianity.

Today Fiji encompasses a mixture of Polynesian, European, Indian, and Chinese cultures. The official language of the country is English but local dialects and Hindi are also wide spread.

Due to its abundant resources of forest, mineral, and fish, Fiji has the most developed economy out of all the pacific island nations.  Fiji receives many visitors every year who come to enjoy the island’s crystal-blue lagoons, clear waters, and lush green forests. “Sea” for yourself…. :)

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