Places to Sea! Makapuu Tidepools, Oahu, Hawaii

Jun 13 2012

When traveling to Hawaiʻi, many tourist often end up staying on the beaches of Waikiki. Little do they know, off the paved road, there are many treasures that are breathtaking to see. The Makapuʻu Tidepools have been a secret for many locals on Oʻahu. This hidden gem is tucked away behind the traditional Makapuʻu lighthouse hiking trail on the East side of Oʻahu. There is no sign, so it is best to go with a local.

On the bottom of the mountain, you will be able to see tropical fish, crabs, natural blowholes, and a lot more ocean creatures. The water is clear and turquoise, free from pollution. On a sunny day, all you need are your eyes to spot the fish in the water.


1. Don’t go during high tide or when there are wet or windy conditions. The terrain can be dangerous and steep. Be careful.

2. Go in the morning to beat the traffic. 8-10 am is best.

3. Know where you are going. It’s best to go with a local. Don’t make your own path because that is when bad things happen.

4. Wear and bring sunscreen.

5. Wear shoes. The trek down is strenuous and to avoid injuries, wear something you are comfortable in.

6. Be safe and have fun.

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