Places to Sea! Nice, France

May 11 2012

Nice is located on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea (known as a sea because it is enclosed by bodies of land). Nearby locations include Italy, Corsica, and Africa (click on map to enlarge). Nice is believed to be one of the earliest human settlements in Europe, as supported by archaeological evidence of very early use of fire.

The Greeks arrived around 350 BC and named it Nikaia, after Nike the Greek goddess of victory. There after, Nice was inhabited by many different nations.  For years it was Italian territory and finally became a part of France in 1860.

Nice began to attract many upper class visitors from England in the late 18th century. Today, Nice is a perfect beach town complete with a great beach, warm Mediterranean weather, and restaurants and shops on every corner.

Nice is called Nice la Belle meaning Nice the beautiful. The region is bursting with color: modern and historical buildings are painted in pastels and the sea has turquoise and dark blue hues.








































Flags from many nations wave near the beach. Nice has always welcomed visitors from around the world. 













7 Buddhas stand downtown. They light up in different colors every night.



























The metro runs through the downtown area and gives Nice a very futuristic look.

































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