Planning on spending labor day at the beach?

Sep 02 2011

With all this beautiful weather and the holiday weekend coming up many of us are planning to hit the beach. We are so fortunate to have the access to this natural coastal playground but work together to keep it clean. Here are a few ways that you can have fun at the beach and stay safe while being mindful and caring towards our ocean and coastal regions:

1) Pack your beach bag or tote (click here to get a rad Sea•thos tote) with sustainable food products.

2) Whenever possible, try to use reusable tupperware and water bottles (like these cool lifefactory water bottle).

3) Ensure to pick up and responsibly dispose of all waste that you generate on the beach (ie: food wrappers, broken boggieboards…).

4) If you’re feeling really grateful for having the opportunity to hang with your friends and family at the beach give back by initiating a mini clean-up with your posse!

5) Drink lots of water and HAVE FUN!

  1. Kick in your sand castles upon leaving the beach. Baby turtles are hatching and are prey if they can’t get to the ocean swiftly. THANKS

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