Plastic Bag and Styrofoam Ban Postponed in O.C.

Dec 14 2011

According to recent reports, plastic bag bans have been enacted in 16 cities and countries across California while polystyrene (styrofoam) bans have been enacted in 47 cities. But when Dana Point City (Orange County) announced plans to discuss plastic and polystyrene bans, council members received a huge and divided response from the public including plastic-bag manufactures, business owners and environmental activists. 

According to Dana Point City Councilwoman Lisa Bartlett, the response was so overwhelming that council members have decided to postpone talks on plastic bag and polystyrene ordinances until their next meeting in January which will give council members more time to carefully consider public input. 

Law Makers in Austin, Texas received a similar response after the city announced on Friday plans to charge retail consumers $0.25 for plastic and paper bags for the next 3 years, after which plastic and paper bags will be banned completely. Opponents of the bag ban are calling the ordinance ridiculous and are claiming that banning plastic bags is bad for the environment!

Their arguments include that plastic bags require much less energy input for production compared to paper bags, plastic bags can be recycled, and re-useable cloth bags are unsanitary. Environmental activists have responded by reminding that bans on single-use plastic bags are aimed at reducing marine litter and saving lives of marine animals.


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