Plastic water bottle ban at the Grand Canyon halted after talks with coca-cola

Nov 11 2011

The plan to ban the sale of plastic water bottle at the Grand Canyon as of Jan 1, 2012 has been put on hold indefinitely after a meeting between officials from the national parks and the Coca-Cola company.

The Dasani brand , the brand under which the company distributes water,  is a widely available throughout the Arizona national park. Furthermore, Coca-Cola has donated over $13 million dollars to the park. The company’s reps, however, are maintaing that business was not the motivating factor for raising concern over the ban. Rather they are claiming that their main grievance is that the ban would violate the basic human right to chose what we consume (how thoughtful of them!).

According to the Huffington post, “Susan Stribling, a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, said the company would prefer to help address problems with littered plastic bottles by making more recycling programs available.” The problem with this perspective is that, although recycling is a great alternative to filling landfills with plastic water bottles it is still harmful to our environment. People are becoming increasingly aware of the disadvantages to their own health and that of our planet by using plastic water bottles. The cleanest and greenest way to consume water is by refilling a reusable (preferably glass) water bottle.

It sadden us to hear that companies such as Coca-Cola are using their influence to block environmentally progressive bans:(

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