Product Spotlight: Coral Candles

Mar 01 2012

On March 31st, individuals and households across the globe are invited to participate in Earth Hour, a single hour without electricity designed to promote climate change awareness.  While you’ll have to turn your light switches off, candles are encouraged, so what better time to start stocking up on wax and wick.

Coral Candles are made by the ocean, for the ocean. Constructed from sustainably farmed sea-urchin shells and 100% soy wax, these scented candles deserve a spot in any sea-lovers home. In addition to their environmentally conscious design, proceeds from all sales help fund Ocean Conservation groups as well as local beach clean-ups.

The sea-urchin shells are also re-usable! After burning for up to 24-hours, the candle can be replaced by a new Coral Candle Scented Refill in such ocean-inspired smells as Atlantic, Indian or Pacific.

Order your Coral Candle today at!

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