Sea Creature of the week!

Aug 22 2011

Psychedelic FrogFish

Scientific name: Hisiophryne Psychedelica

Family: Anglerfish or Antennariidae

Home: This little guy can be found tripping-out in coral rubble just off the coast of the Ambon Island and Bali, Indonesia. You may have a little trouble spotting it since it has very few defenses against pretors and tends to hide out between coral and under rocks.

Physical Characteristics: Usually sporting a yellow-brown or peach colored striped pattern our psychedelic friend doesn’t have any scales (this enables it to fit into tight spots in the reef) . Unlike other the fish from its family, these patterns and colors remain the same throughout its lifetime. It grows to be about 15cm in length. The frilly cheeks and chin of this little guy are believed to act like whiskers on a cat, which enables them to detect movement from potential predators!

Food: The Psychedelic FrogFish’s diet consists mainly of shrimp as well as other small fish.

Fun Facts:

- Each fish has a unique pattern of stripes comparable to human fingerprints and the stripes on a zebra!

- Unlike most fish, the Psychedelic FishFrog has forward-facing eyes which gives it the same depth-perception as humans. This is a rare ability for fish!

- In addition to shooting water out of its gils to propel itself, our groovy friend uses its fins as “legs” to hop along the ocean’s floor!

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