Sea Creature Of The Week!

Sep 06 2011

The Blobfish

Scientific Name: Psychrolutes Marcidus

Family: Psychrolutidae

Home: Our miserable looking friend can be found off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, hovering above the ocean floor. The pressure at this depth 0f about 800m below sea level, is much higher than at the surface.

Physical Characteristics: The Blobfish  grows to be around 12 inches long. Its large bulbous nose and drooping face gives us the impression that it is constantly grumpy. We have to admit that it is no surprise that Mr.Blobfish looks so miserable.  Wouldn’t you be if your body was a gelatinous, slimy, and mucusy mass lacking any sort of muscle.?!?! This body composition, however, is advantageous for our little friend since its density is slightly less than water which enables it to float around without exerting much energy.

Food: Mr. grumpy pant lethargically floats around all day and does not actively seek out food. So how does it get dinner? Well, bloby  will consume any edible matter, like sea urchins and mollusks, that happens to cross its path.

Fun Fact:

- This fact is more UNFUN than fun…The Blobfish is increasingly becoming a bycatch victim due to irresponsible deep sea fishing practices like bottom trawling and is facing now extinction :(

-  If grumps Mcgrumps is taken out of the water, it will literally dry up and die!

- It appears that the female Blobfish have a habit nesting in groups. It is unclear, however, whether this is intentional or due to their “lazy” nature.

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