Sea Creature of the Week!

Aug 15 2011

Dwarf Seahorse

Scientific name: Hippocampus Zaosterae

Other namesPymy Seahorse or the Seapony


The Seapony can be found chilling in the reefs, sponge-gardens and seagrass beds of the Caribbean, the Florida keys and the Gulf of Mexico.

Physical characteristics:

The majority of these mini creatures are white or tan but they can also be found rockin’ a brown, yellow, or Green exterior.
They rarely grow to be over two inches long!!


These cuties feed on small crustaceans that is brought their way by the ocean’s current. They use their little round mouth like a vacuum to suction their food which results in a small “POP” sound!

Fun Facts:

The Dwarf Seahorse uses its prehensile tail to latch onto seagrass including Zostera (hence its scientific name).

Dwarf seahorses are the slowest moving fish, swimming at an average of 5 feet per hour.

Seahorse are the only known species in which the male carries and births the babies. Once the babies are born papa peaces out!

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