Seathos and BluKicks Present: Shark Week Trivia Contest!

Aug 14 2012

We’re excited to announce a fun little contest we’ll be running this week (SHARK WEEK!), giving you the chance to win some brand new stylish, waterproof shoes courtesy of Blu Kicks!

Starting tomorrow at 12pm PST, we’ll be asking shark-themed trivia questions everyday via our facebook page ( Whoever responds the quickest by sending an email to with the CORRECT answer wins a pair of shoes!!

Not going to be by a computer at 12pm? Not to worry! Each day, you’ll have a second chance to win. ROUND TWO of trivia will be posted at 7pm PST as well! So that’s six chances to win. 12pm and 7pm (PST) Wednesday 8/15 to Friday 8/18.

A little bit about Blu Kicks:

Drawing inspiration from the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Fish of Hawaii for their very design, Blu Kicks began manufacturing shoes with the mission to protect the Humu fish with every purchase. Humus, like many fish, are victims of overfishing and abuse. One dollar from each shoe sale goes to protect the Humu’s native habitat in Hawaii.

Check out more from Blu Kicks at Shop their Shark Week line of shoes and 15% of the proceeds will be donated to Seathos Foundation!

So, to refresh. The contest will run Weds 8/15 to Fri 8/18. Two rounds of questions everyday. One at 12pm, the following at 7pm (both PST). The first correct answer emailed to wins!!

Good luck and Happy Shark Week!

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