Shark Fin Ban Supported by Yao Ming and Richard Branson

Sep 23 2011

About 20 countries have already imposed regulations on commercial shark fishing. Earlier this month, California imposed a ban on the trade, which we at Sea•thos were huge supporters of via our Shark Fin Pledge.

Many people have been sharing their opinion on the issue. Yesterday, Yao Ming and Richard Branson made a joint effort to support the end of shark finning internationally. The two met with a group of China’s top 30 richest and most influential businesspeople, making an appeal against consuming shark fins.

The meeting was hosted by WildAid, a conservation group who is partnered with other famous animal-loving individuals such as Leo DiCaprio. This effort was made to help campaign against the slaughter of 1.5 million sharks a week, taking many species close to extinction.

One of the main points made was the need to not only protect sharks, but to also raise awareness about protecting tigers, elephants, and rhinos, along with other species who are close to extinction.

Thank you Huffington Post for the info!

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