Solar Powered Expedition Makes History

Aug 18 2011

Seven traditional Polynesian sailing vakas left San Francisco in April for a journey into the Pacific. The voyage, an estimated 15,000 nautical miles, was developed to raise awareness about environmental issues effecting the ocean.

The sailors are only using solar power for the trip and are being guided by celestial navigation, marking the first time in modern history that any type of expedition like this has been made.

The journey has raised awareness on the human impact on the ocean, the health of the oceans and how people and animals are effected by these issues. The sailors are highlighting how important sea ecosystems are as resources for humans, as well as how important it is for all of us to respect and take care of our most valuable resource on Earth.

We all know that ways of life of sea creatures are directly effected by humans and that there is a lot of potential for change on our part. This expedition is a great natural way to show the evolution of time and how we effect the environment around us. Sea•thos commends this effort in giving the ocean a voice.

If you want, you can read more at Huff Post Green!

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