Sustainable Seafood Month: Farmed Fish

Oct 28 2011

Sustainable Seafood Month is coming to an end but we hope that doesn’t stop you from eating sustainable seafood! There are many sustainable choices, some farmed others wild-caught, but what is fish farming and why are some choices better than others? To help us understand where our fish is coming from, here is a quick overview of fish farming:

Fish farming is the raising of fish in an enclosure such as a tank, for the purpose of selling fish on a large industrial scale. Fish farms can be on land while others are built over bodies of water such as off the ocean shore. Fish can also be raised in a pond or lake. Some fish farms are highly technologically built so that fishermen can control every aspect of the raising process. Fish farming enables fishermen to control the size of their supply and protect it from harmful factors such as predators and bacteria. Through fish farming, fishermen and the fishing industry are able to make a profit much larger than they would receive from traditional fishing.   

It may seem like fish farming is sustainable because it produces large quantities of fish without extracting these fish from the ocean. But fish farms still extract numerous fish species from the ocean inorder to feed their raised fish. Fish farming also has other risks such as fish diseases, so sometimes it is better to choose wild-caught fish. Not all fish farms are bad and many are managed sustainably. Approved fish-farmed seafood can be found on our seafood guide including Catfish (US farmed), Arctic Char, and Rainbow Trout (US farmed) among many other species. You may be wondering why wild-caught fish is a better choice than some farmed fish. Wild-caught fish is sustainable when it was caught by a fishery managed in a way that does not over fish and does not harm the ecosystem. Wild Salmon caught from Alaska is a great example.

Explore our Sustainable Seafood guide for more information… We also have a Sushi Sustainable Seafood guide!

Also, don’t forget to attend Green Festival if you’re going to be in the L.A. area this weekend!

We hope you’ve had a great month and keep eating sustainable seafood!! :)

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