Sustainable Traveling

Jul 13 2011

The Turtle Inn-Belize

A new sustainable-travel movement, also known as green travel, reminds travelers to commit to their eco-friendly values whether they are at home or across the globe.  Hotels are beginning to take steps such as replacing their showerheads with those that use less water, buying local food, or using wind to generate electricity.  Groups like Sustainable Travel International and The International Ecotourism Society support carbon offset programs that help travelers compensate their carbon footprint by putting money toward developing renewable energy programs. The Turtle Inn in Belize has implemented a stainless steel water bottle program and uses organic, locally sourced food.  Ecotourism encourages tourists to plan their entire trip in a way that has a positive impact on the people, environment, and economy of their chosen destination. Check out these websites and make your next vacation eco-friendly!

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