Turtle-topped Cupcakes

April 12th, 2012

Sea Turtle Cupcakes

Inspired by Squirt, the Sea turtle from Finding Nemo!

You’ll need:
-Sour Peach Gummy ring candies
-Red and green gum drop candies
-Spearmint Leaves candies
-Mini chocolate chips
-Toothpick or kitchen skewer
-Oval fondant cutter

1. Bake cupcakes and frost them

2. For the turtle shell: Place a gummy ring on each cupcake. Slice off the bottom half of a red gum drop and place the top half at the center of the gummy ring. Push the gum drop into the frosting so it will stick.

3. For fins, slice a Spearmint Leaves candy in half. Using a oval fondant cutter, cut each half into two pieces (shown far right). Use the curled pieces for the front fins and the thicker pieces for the hind fins.

4. For the head, poke a hole into the sides of a green gum drop using a toothpick or kitchen skewer. Push mini chocolate chips into the holes for the turtle’s eyes. Use a dab of frosting to hold the eyes in place. Place the head onto the cupcake and slightly push into the frosting so it will stick.

5. All done! Enjoy! : )

Potential Bag Ban for Santa Barbara, CA

January 27th, 2012

The Plastic Pollution Coalition is launching a new global initiative called “Plastic-Free Campuses”.

Students at the University of California Santa Barbara have joined the coalition to promote awareness of plastic pollution and to ban the use of single-use plastics on the UCSB campus.

The video features Danielle Russo Co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, student speakers, and newly-elected city council member Cathy Murillo who has expressed that she is in support of a plastic bag ban in Santa Barbara, which is promising!

Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

Wil-Mat Project: Reusing Plastic Bags To Help The Homeless

January 24th, 2012

For the past 18 months 89-year-old Wilma Groh and her group, Wil-Mat Project, have made dozens of mats made entirely out of plastic bags for the homeless! Groh was named “Greatest Person of the Day” by Huffington Post on January 9 for this incredible project. 

The project began as a simple way to help the homeless sleep more comfortably on the streets but the group soon realized that they are helping to keep plastic bags out of landfills (and the ocean too)!

Wil-Mat Project, which has grown to include 12 members, literally weaves plastic together to create these unique mats. The process begins by cutting plastic bags into 1-2 inch loops or rings, tying the pieces together end to end, rolling the plastic pieces into a ball of “plarn” (plastic yarn), and weaving exactly the same way as with yarn.

The mat is the size of a yoga mat, about 3 feet wide and six feet long, each using about 400 bags worth of plarn. 

As demand has grown for the plastic mat, the group has expanded their creations to include purses, tote bags, coasters, ornaments, flowers, and much more all made out of plastic bags! 

The group has sold $1,000 worth of items and all proceeds fund Storefront, a youth service which aims to get teens off the streets.

Wil-Mat Project is not worried about running out of plastic bags any time soon: not only are plastic bags distributed abundantly, but the group’s local church kindly collects bags for them and they still have 20,000 bags waiting to be turned into mats! 

Rather than supply, Groh has said that the group’s greatest need is volunteers to help. Those interested in helping out need not know how to crochet or weave, says Groh, there are plenty of tasks other than weaving that go into creating the mats.

At 89, Groh struggles with arthritis in her hands and near-blindness but these conditions have not stopped her from taking her project further and helping those in need.

Wilma Groh and the Wil-Mat Project are truly inspirational: With a little creativity, something as simple as making mats out of plastic bags can impact people and the planet in a BIG way.

Visit the Wil-Mat project Facebook page to learn more about the group and how you can help!

Source: MountHelixPatch Photos by: Eric Yates

Various Small Fires and Sea•thos Present the Mural Project Launch Party!

January 17th, 2012

The Mural Project Launch Party
& Freeway Eyewear Pop-Up Shop
Friday, January 27th, 2012
1212 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice Beach, California

Sea•thos Foundation and VARIOUS SMALL FIRES  are proud to present the Mural Project Launch Party on January 27th! The Mural Project is the installation of a new mural on the front side of 1212 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, California. The Mural Project is the site-specific work of Los Angeles artist Alex Israel.

Israel’s mural mixes popular beach-themed icons including a wave, a beach ball, and sunglasses with unique images such as a hand holding a color strip of ocean hues, a tromp l’oeilel hole, and the artist’s own photography of a model sunbathing. The art work also references Marcel Duchamp’s iconic painting, Tu M’ (1918). A compilation of popular with unique beach-themed images, Israel’s work represents the laid-back Southern California beach lifestyle.

The January 27th event will also include a pop-up shop hosted by VSF and featurinng Israel’s sunglasses line Freeway Eyewear. Proceeds from the pop-up shop will benefit Sea•thos Foundation and our mission to spread awareness of human impact on the ocean.

Born in Los Angeles in 1982, Alex Israel received his BA from Yale University in 2003 and his MFA from USC in 2010. He was included in the 2010 California Biennial and had his first European solo exhibit at eres Projects Kreuzberg, Berlin in 2011. His upcoming work includes exhibits at Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York and LA><ART, Los Angeles.

Located in Venice Beach, California, VARIOUS SMALL FIRES (VSF)is a contemporary art space directed by Esther Kim Varet and features art work by Los Angeles and New York artists.

The Sea•thosFoundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and education of human impact on the world’s oceans.  Sea•thos was established in 2010 by Michael Schwab, Chris Jensen and Nick Behunin and is headquartered in Venice Beach, California.

Ocean Friendly New Year’s Resolutions 2012!

December 31st, 2011

1. Buy Less Bottled Water
Plastic has spread all over the globe and marine pollution is now 60 to 80% plastic! Bottled water comprises a large portion of all plastic produced and consumed.  In 2012, reduce plastic consumption by purchasing resuseable water bottles and other food and beverage containers. 

Recycling tips: Help the recycling process by de-caping bottles prior to recycling so bottle caps won’t get stuck in the machines that melt plastic. Also, make sure to cut plastic rings before throwing them out so that animals won’t get caught in them!









2. Use Reuseable Shopping Bags
Americans use 1 billion shopping bags every year and only 1-2% are recycled. Sunlight breaks down plastics to smaller pieces that contaminate soil and water. Bring your own bags to grocery stores, the mall, and anywhere you shop!

You can also re-use old plastic bags that you have accumulated from previous shopping trips. Several reuseable bags can prevent up to 700 bags from ending up in the ocean or in a landfill. Take our plastic bag ban pledge, here
Check out our reuseable water bottles and totes!


3.  Eat Sustainable Seafood
Seafood is in limited supply due to over fishing: 75% of the world’s fish stocks are fished faster than they can reproduce and 80% of the world’s fish are fully exploited or in decline.

We can help by eating sustainable seafood: Seafood is considered sustainable when it is caught by a fishery that does not overfish and catches only enough fish to meet present needs.

A sustainable fishery also uses fishing techniques that do not harm the marine environment. Download our Sustainable Seafood and Sustainable Sushi Seafood  guides!

4. Drive less

Air pollution contributes to water pollution which contaminates our drinking water and destroys marine habitat. You can help the planet and your own health by walking, biking, or skateboardng to get around. Take a break from your car and carpool or use public transportation… be creative with the kinds of transportation you use! :)









5. Clean the Beach!
Participate in beach clean-ups, pick up trash off the street, and don’t litter!! Everything that does not make it to a landfill ends up in the ocean. Marine pollution kills marine life and releases toxins that end up in our food! YUCK!









Green Holiday Activities!

December 23rd, 2011

1. Paper snowflakes
Use scratch paper, news papers, or old magazines.
For instructions click here: Regular or 3D snowflakes!

2. Play in the snow
If you are fortunate to have snow in your neighborhood then build a snowman, have a snowball fight or make snow angels! The possibilities with snow are endless!

3. Ice skating
If you can’t build a snow man or have a snow ball fight because it never snows in your city, there are other fun alternatives to playing in the snow such as ice skating! Look up local ice skating rinks in your town!

4. Build a gingerbread house
You will need graham crackers, plenty of frosting, colorful candy, chocolates, cookies- anything to decorate your little home!

5. Make pine cone Christmas trees!
All you will need is to gather a pine cone or two, glitter or paint, glue, and any other decorations you would like to put on your mini Christmas tree! Squeeze glue onto your pine cone, sprinkle with green glitter or any color you like, and top it off with mini decorations (buttons, beads, shells etc). You can also paint your pine cone instead of using glitter.