Top 10 reasons to LOVE the Ocean!

Dec 03 2011

1. The ocean provides food to over 3.5 billion people around the world

2. It produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe

3. Ocean sunsets are awesome!!

4. There are over 1 million known species of plants and animals in the ocean and millions more yet to be discovered!

5. Millions of people around the world call coastal areas home and many people depend directly on the ocean for survival

6. The ocean sustains 50% of all life on earth

7. The coast provides us with a place for us to play in ocean waters

8. Oceans and coasts generate billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world through fishing, tourism, and recreational industries

9. The ocean regulates weather and climate, and contains possible resources of medicine to cure diseases

10. Experiencing the ocean gives people a sense of freedom and peace!

Tell us why YOU LOVE the ocean!!

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