Trash-Capturing Project Expected to Help Prevent Marine Pollution!

Nov 08 2011

A trash-capturing project which is expected to prevent tons of trash from entering into the Los Angeles River has recently been completed! The project  involved the installation of thousands of trash capturing screens below almost every storm drain that enters into the L.A. River, as well as the installation of street-level screens above 5,400 storm drains in some of the most littered areas. Installation of the trash screens began on August 20th and was undertaken by the Gateway Authority, a coalition of  L.A. cities and public water agencies. Gateway Authority has said that the project spans 16 southeastern cities and is expected to prevent 840,00 pounds of trash from entering into the ocean every year! Ocean pollution is a major problem and the source can be traced to trash that washes off streets and highways and enters into rivers through storm drains. The completion of this 10 million dollar project will relieve workers in Long Beach who previously had to rush to the mouth of the L.A. river every time it rained to collect debris and prevent it from entering into the ocean!


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